I thought Linda did a great job arranging our trip. - Dec 20 - Dec 29, 2021

Traveler: Karen O. - Local specialist: Linda Veråsdal

I thought Linda did a great job arranging our trip to Norway.

Unfortunately outside influences affected the trip. SAS changed our flights 6 times which had a knock on affect to our itinerary but Linda was very patient reorganising it multiple times. SAS also lost one of our bags which was returned to us a day later thankfully. We returned to the UK with Norwegian Airlines who seem a great deal more reliable.

I would not recommend travelling to the islands over Christmas when many of the facilities are shut. However this may be due to Covid restrictions (restaurants are not currently allowed to serve alcohol).

Covid blighted this trip (I tested positive on day 3) but Linda continued to provide support and assistance throughout. Not the trip we wanted at all but not because of anything that KimKim had control of.

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Linda Veråsdal, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Karen, thank you for your review and feedback. You had some really bad luck with your trip... I was so sorry to hear when you tested positive early on the trip, and that it finished off your experience way too early and during Christmas. You are right, the reason why many facilities were closed was due to covid and the latest wave of omicron. This is normally one of the peak season for Lofoten Islands... Hope to see you back in Norway another time for a better experience!
Take care, and greetings to your family.