My trip to Zimbabwe!The trip over all was g... - Nov 29 - Dec 5, 2019

Traveler: Manita S. - Local specialist: Jamie Ingram

My trip to Zimbabwe!

The trip over all was great! I was able to complete every activity mentioned in my itinerary and my favorite moments during this trip was the Devils Pool Swim and the 2 day camping Safari in Chobe National Park. We spotted well over 150 elephants and a whole pride of lions in their natural habitats! Truly an experience I will never forget.

There were however, some hiccups in that every activity I attended (helicopter flip, devils pool swim, boma dinner) asked me for a voucher number to track my booking however I was not provided this information and was unable to help them find my specific booking, in one such case the activity was booked under the name "Elgin Africa" the company name instead of my name. Thankfully, the facilitators were quick to respond and were able to figure out my booking details. I was in regular contact with Jamie and Deb (Kimkim Agents) to voice any concerns I had and they were very quick to respond.

When traveling to Zimbabwe, keep at least $300-$400 USD cash on you for transfers and visas, this of course depends on how long your trip is. I was advised to keep $200 USD on hand for visas and transfers (for a 6 day trip) and burned through that quickly on visas alone. As a Canadian traveling to Zimb, our visa fee is $75 USD for a single entry. During my time at Victoria Falls I had gotten a KAZA visa as well ($60 USD) to travel to Zimb. and Zamb. for the devils pool swim with the assumption that this visa will also allow you into Zimb. from other neighboring countries. This is not the case, if you travel to Botswana (Chobe National Park) with the plan to get back into Zimbabwe, you will have to get another single entry Zimb. visa ($75 USD). They also do not accept USD at the Botswana border, only pula. The drivers are very helpful and will take you to an ATM to extract however much you'll need in pula, but it's something to be aware of.

Over all, despite the bumps along the way, I had a great experience!