My children and I had our health put at risk ... - Dec 31 - Jan 12, 2020

Traveler: Dan P. - Local specialist: Kripa Sunuwar

My children and I had our health put at risk by the disgusting state of the accommodation on the trek. We were not told to bring bedding. We booked a luxury accommodation package at $20,000 usa for three people ( two of which were sharing a room) and 11 days. We were booked into accommodation with no running water no power and no heating. We had to beg every 30 minutes to keep the central wood burning kettle stove alight. We had no room heating in any lodge. The last lodge was a filthy $30 a night tea house. My daughters were reduced to tears when they saw the mouldy bathrooms, stained beds with no sheets.
It was -15 degrees inside and out. We had not been told to bring sleeping bags. in fact we were told not to.
We were defrauded into a holiday of very low standard while paying a premium price. A number of the properties we visited would be closed by Australian standards for health issues.
Both Raj and Kripa were very keen to take out money while there was a great lack in their knowledge of the properties and service provided. They basically stole our money and our annual holiday together. You should be ashamed of yourselves for this calous and dangerous treatment of other human beings. You will never be forgiven for such a terrible and dangerous situation. I would like to talk personally to Max the owner of mountain trails to alert him to the dangerous undertakings of his Nepal team.