This trip by far exceeded all our expectations...
Peru | Aug 21 - Sep 6, 2021

martin M.
Tenafly, NJ | Oct 22, 2021

This trip by far exceeded all our expectations. We spent 16 amazing days in Peru with our 3 boys, great guides and meticulously prepared itinerary which opened our eyes and minds. Perhaps this may be a little bit overboard review but the details matter. For those who have a little bit of extra time, please read feel free to read further, otherwise five amazing stars to This trip review***** and my admiration to Katy and her team for making such a unique experience possible.

Starting with our guide Freddie in the Amazon we had special daily walks in the jungle, learned from him how to be respectful in the jungle to the animals and plants, thanks to his senses saw many animals, (capibaras, monkeys, rodents, butterflies, tarantula) ,had morning sunrise boat rides up to the River to see hundreds of parrots including Macau’s. Freddie took us to see Cayman at night, fish and later eat piranhas, showed us many different species of plants, fruits and local veggies. He told our children many amazing stories from his life in the jungle. A highlight was kayaking on the Amazon, swimming in the river and for kids mud sliding at the banks of the River. Daily support of a boat driver and a cook, as well as the comfy eco-like lodge added to the amazing experience.
Afterwards, moving to highlands of the Andes made another eye-opening experience. After adjusting to the high altitude in the town of Pisac, we spent a day of climbing the old Inca town at 3500 m, learned about Its history from our guide Natty, indulged into spectacular views and locals playing Andes flute. Later in the day we were invited to a local family living at 3800 m at the village of Amaru. We experienced a day in their life. We learned about their customs, shared the meals, went planting potatoes, watched cloth making, using plants for coloring, tea and food. Our kids played with their kids games, and soccer. Bonfire, singing just started the starry night experience and night under 4 heavy Alpaca blankets.
o Morning started with a scenic car ride to have already prepared kayaks and wet suits to float over an amazing high-altitude lake with ducks and flamingos. Sun and blue sky with high Andes in the background made it amazing. Going for a quick swim in the wet suits awakened us for another adventure. After lunch cooked for us by local chef, the van with 5 bikes awaited. Drive through scenic highlands to a unique Mountain embedded with Inca salt mines, and then Moray, a visit of another Inca site ended with About 15 km bike ride with breath taking views ending by a winding road leading to the sacred valley and then a quick transport to amazing old Inca town of Ollantaytambo. Our high altitude Adjustment allowed us to start the amazing three day two night trek - Tres Lares. With our guide Natty, five horses and two horsemen we ascended to 4300 m through amazing valleys filled with local huts, lamas, alpacas and soul filling views. Lunch already prepared by a chef and his support was an aspiring adventure’s team surprise. With the help of our guide, we reached the summit of 4500m tranquil and really breath taking high altitude experience. An evening descent to a high-altitude village of locals was amazing. The team of horsemen and chefs with assistants awaited with delicious meal and prepared tents. Morning breakfast and a several hour descents to hot springs was a relief. Another night of camping. Breakfast, good byes with the trek team followed by transport back to Ollantaytambo. Afternoon visit of another mountain embedded Inca town helped us start to understand of this amazing old culture. Subsequent scenic ride through sacred valley to the town of Macchu Picchu was the additional highlight of the day. Nice hotel, walk through the town with Natty and then a tranquil deep sleep. Morning blue sky was the special early touch to the visit of Macchu Pichu. Thanks to Natty, we understood many to us unknown details of this very spiritual and Soul opening place. Thanks to the Covid pandemic, the masses of tourists were missing and the experience was so much more special. We finally understood the Inca connection to the sun and Patcha mamma / the powerful spiritual connection to mother Earth. Descent, lunch and transfer to the old Inca capital of Cusco. Tasteful hotel in old town, dinner with Natty, more stories for kids and another cozy hotel night. Next morning, we climbed on top of the town’s Inca ruins, stroll through the town, learning of Its amazing history, some local market shopping and another nice dinner. Following day started with the car ride from the highlands to lake Titicaca. Amazing scenery followed by another home stay of a raqchi Family. Learning About clay pottery making, dinner followed by spiritual wish making to the spirit of mountains and the Patcha mamma. Dancing with locals to their favorite songs and another night under heavy alpaca blankets. Morning breakfast and High-altitude road at 4300 m pass with another soul touching views followed by a visit of two amazing churches and the town of Lampa. The visit of an second Church in Lampa was impressive. The original 400 plus year old paintings , sculptures and skull and bone filled chapel was fascinating. Its history was provided to us by the local guide who already awaited our arrival. Evening trip through unimpressive Júliaca to the final destination of rather awe aspiring Lake Titicaca. Morning ride to visit of floating villages of Urus followed by 2-hour boat ride to mind blowing local Titicaca islands. Blue sky, clear waters of 3800 m lake, and pristine nature makes Ex-au Provence, Greek or Croatian coast pale in comparison. Even with locals, dancing and walk under starry sky make you feel like it Is the most peaceful place on the planet.

Our late august trip had 16 days of sun and perfect weather. While the website and corresponding with Katy gives you a glimpse
o you might experience day to day as far as the adventures and cultural immersion, with perfect coordination of events, activities, seamless transits, meals and hotel stays make you feel that aspiring adventure matches Its name to the dot. For us it was a life altering experience our children and we will cherish it all for a long time. We have traveled to many countries in the World but this trip I think was the best As far As depth of the immersion to the history, nature and the beauty of the Peruvian culture and nature. While this trip was more expensive it was well worth with the money as the coordination of the many daily activities, site visits, punctual transport arrangements, meals would not be possible without such Aspiring Adventures team help.
We wish to thank Katy, Freddie, Natty, driver Paul, horsemen, chefs, local guides, hosting families and others involved to make this so special.
If i had one advice to those who are planning a trip to Peru. Don’t focus solely on Macchu Picchu. Enjoy the exploration of other sites, home stays, go trekking off beaten path if u can, bike and most of all appreciate the nature. It will open your eyes and soul to a much broader level than you could expect.
Absolutely five stars*****

Our kids top 10:
-Trekking tres Lares / camping: enjoying time with local dog who walked with them for 2 and 1/2 days
• biking down to the sacred valley
• Paddling on high elevation lake
• Visit of Macchu Picchu
• Hot springs
• Kayaking on that Amazon and mud sliding
• Amaru and raqchi Family home stays
• Lake Titicaca sunset view from top of the Island
• Lampa Church visit
• Jungle walks and piranhas fishing

Local specialist: Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson
Local specialist in | Oct 22, 2021

Wow, Martin - thank you so much! Your review is almost as long as the planning process for your trip... after months of planning for a trip that was supposed to happen in April 2020, then a couple more postponements, and finally it all came together last month! I'm so glad it was worth the wait for you and your family! Thank you for placing your trust in us and being among the first families to explore post-pandemic Peru with us.... you're a legend!
Cheers, Steve