Snow Leopard photography
Bhutan | Jan 30 - Feb 8, 2018

Hamilton L.
Australia | Feb 16, 2018

Our journey in the mountains of Bhutan was richly rewarding. A gift not wrapped in paper but bound instead in the thread of discovery and the characters we were blessed to encounter along the way. A journey of reflection and life in focus - so generously mentored by the welcoming will and inspiring talents of the Bhutanese people, Like our fabulous guides Yonten and Pema, who helped us climb each new step took our breath further away. Thank you!

And also thank you to all our amazing crew and the nine ponies ... especially camera pony!
Everyone we encountered helped make our expedition an experience that will long be remembered as an outstanding example of living in the moment..

Thanks to Bas at Kimkim for making the arrangements so easy and to Wind Horse for organising everything on the ground. Thoroughly enjoyed this Bhut-Camp!

Local specialist: Bas B Naus
Bas B Naus
Local specialist in Nijmegen | Feb 12, 2018

Dear Hamilton,
Thanks for your kind words! So nice to hear you had a rewarding trip and that you were inspired by the people you met and by our guides and crew. Hope you will cherish your memories from Bhutan for a long time. I am sure the pictures you took will help with that, curious to see your work!
Thanks for visiting Bhutan with us, we were delighted to host your trip!
All the best, Bas.