Fimmvörðuháls Hike - The Ultimate Guide to one of Iceland's Best Day Hikes - Aug 12 - Aug 19, 2018

Traveler: Lynn c. - Local specialist: Midgard Adventure Team

The hike was beyond beautiful and our KimKim guide was terrific. My family of five had a fabulous day of it. It took us about 10.5 hours which is a little longer than they anticipate because the guide had to help me through the couple of high narrow spots — which he did patiently and calmly; I couldn’t have asked for better support for my fear of heights.... that is a good reason to use a guid , beyond the fact that it took all stars out of finding our way or making that final bus back. KimKim was great to work with and gave us great lunches and hiking poles and a surprise bbq at the end of the hike. This was expensive — but one of the best uses of our money in Iceland!