Beyond Greek beaches and Cruise ships
Greece | May 19 - May 28, 2023

James B.
Cary, IL | Reviewed on May 31, 2023

I would highly recommend kimkim and Tasos at Travel12.
We had a very intentional agenda to experience historic Greece, it people, food, culture and history in a relatively short 10 day window, with a group of 8 adults. After trying to make the arrangements ourselves, we realized we couldn't really understand the quality of restaurants, accommodations, historic sites, and local guides, as well as arrange transfer easily. Therefore we reached out kimkim, who paired up with Tasos, at Travel 12.

Tasos understood exactly what we were looking for. He located quality, knowledgable guides. The guides were patient with our numerous questions, and gave you time to explore and absorb the experience beyond the "set" times. We experienced every site and activity we had desired. The trip even included a roundtrip flight to Crete, to learn about Minoan culture, the start of western civilization.
The transportation vehicles Tasos arranged were modern, clean, spacious air-conditioned vehicles. We were fed delicious, healthy, local food, in abundance, prepared fresh. We sampled each of the native Greece wine varietals.
Tickets were obtained in advance so we spent minimal time waiting in line. If there were questions or clarification needed day or night, we could contact travel12 for information, or to confirm a pick-up time and place. We didn't have "down time" working out logistics.

I can't say enough about the value Tasos and Kim Kim added to the trip. It was a hassle free experience, of high quality venues. We are already contemplating a return trip to Greece or Magna Graecia, in Italy. We will definitely return to these services in the future.

Activity Review
Sailing & Gastronomy in the Athenian Riviera

What an amazing evening! We sailed out of Athens to enjoy a sunset cruise aboard the Aiolis, eat freshly prepared Greek Cuisine, and enjoy local wine varieties. One highlight was swimming off-shore in the evening, in 20 feet of crystal clear Aegean Sea water. The captian, Yani, shared nautical tales, and gave us insight into the Greek attitudes and beliefs. He and the first mate brought course after course of local Greek food, that they prepared in the ship galley. By the end of the evening we understood the Greek mindset of welcoming the stranger, sealed with much laughter and two rounds of Ouzo as we pulled into port.

Quality of Experience
Guides, Drivers and Staff
Very personable and energetic crew to make the most of your experience
Local specialist: Tasos Mylonas