We enjoyed all of our experiences - Oct 1 - Oct 9, 2019

Traveler: Robert R. - Local specialist: Pauline Odinot

We had a great time and learned a lot in this trip. The drive guide was wonderful in highlighting the major points. Having gotten stuck on some rainy day’s with gale force winds (who knew waterfalls could fall up?) we found drier locations to visit. The Bjarnarhöfn shark museum was inexpensive, interesting and a whole lot of fun. The lava museum on the way to Vik was a little more modern museum but still helped us to spend part of a very rainy day. We enjoyed all our hotels except hotel Fron. Our favorite had to be hotel Hamar where we had close access to hot tub, played Iceland trivia and enjoyed taking with our waiter. The issue with Hotel Fron was that we arrived late in the evening from a long day East of Vik and the day clerk was completely unhelpful about parking and getting us situated. We understood after the fact that our attitude probably wasn’t the greatest but she also made no effort to help calm us or make us feel welcome. To improve our mood we found the Lebrowski bar where Patrick from Poland invited us to join him in shots of jagermeister!
Our two Glacier tours were fantastic. The blue ice experience from Icelandic mountain guides was great! Agatha was a great guide and made sure the whole group got photos and was safe as we climbed the glacier! The Katlatrak ice cave tour was very different then what we had envisioned (thought we would be deeper in the glacier (and drier) but completely amazing nonetheless! Disappointing that the laki whale watching was rained out (see shark museum) as we might of had better success there then out of Reykjavík where we were unsuccessful at seeing any mammals (did see birds).
Thanks for setting up a great itinerary! We enjoyed all of our experiences.

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Pauline Odinot, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Robert,
It is such a pleasure to read your review, I really feel that you had a genuwine icelandic experience. I appreciate the museums tips, it is true that Iceland is more popular for its nature but sometimes the weather can indeed decide otherwise!
All the best!