Beautifully planned! Excellent job! Thank you😊 - Dec 26 - Jan 3, 2020

Traveler: Michelle B. - Local specialist: Pauline Odinot

Our trip was beautifully planned by Pauline. We did a 10-Day Winter Drive in the southern half of Iceland. Her itinerary was very detailed with interesting stops, restaurant recommendations and all hotel accommodations, noting what each hotel included. Our trip didn't go without mishaps, but to no fault of kimkim. They actually went above and beyond to make sure things worked out for the best. Our original flight was canceled causing us to arrive at 2am an entire day later than planned, but they hustled and rearranged excursions and even had our van delivered to us 45 minutes from the airport at no charge. Pauline was on vacation the same time we were, but I called the number given and Michele and others jumped right in and took over. Thanks to each and every one who made our trip a success!

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Pauline Odinot, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thank you for your kind words Michelle! It has been a true pleasure planning this trip with you!
You indeed did experience the effect the icelandic weather can have on one's trip ; but let's say it made your experience more authentic ;)
All the best to you and your family