We knew this would be an awesome trip but whe...
Peru | Nov 11 - Nov 25, 2023

Sonia A.
Sweden | Reviewed on Dec 02, 2023

We knew this would be an awesome trip but when executing it, it turned out to be even more amazing than expected.
I loved the fact that I could cuatomized the trip /design it exactly as per my wishes, and Kim kim just help me with the logistics arouns it.
Everything was arranged perfectly, from transport to accommodation to time slots etc. 6 of 5 points!
Hotels, specially the Tierra Viva chain hoth in Lima and Ollantaytambo, were very nice, with the only exception of the hotel (hostal really) Amaru in Cusco where the sound from the rooms above us in all nights we stayed there didnt help us sleep much, and the cleaning could have been better too. Also ahead of our stay in the Jungle, in the TreeLodge, we should have been give more factual info that there is no mobile coverage, no cashier nor any emergency shop at all, so for example, if you are a woman and happen to get your mens while there, as it happened to me, you rather were mega prepared ahead having bought even female patches/tampongs with you as there is simply no way to get them in the jungle. Prior to pur trip we had understoodd it was ju gle but as we were staying on a 'resort'/'lodge', we thought there'd at least be a survival shop /pharmacy at the premises.

The guides in Puno, Cusco and thr jungle have been very different styles one vs the other, but each od them had its own charm, a lot of knowledge and have made our trip a real joy. Kuddos to Maycol in Puno, Emilia (Cusi travel) in Cusco and Carlos & Jaimer in the jungle.

An advice for other travellers is to do your research thoroughly of what you'll like to visit and only after that design your trip. Peru has far too many things/places to visit, so one cannot leave it only to the typical 'for tourist' tours if one really wants to cover the most 'corners of Peru' possible in the time one has there.

One other suggestion to Kim Kim/advice to traveller is that the INCA Trail hike, even the short one we did, requires higher than standard good condition. 7h and more than 200 staircases, under rain or heavy sun, and even if with stops to drink/grab an energy bite and a breath, is not a trivial challenge. And I say this having grown up hiking the Pyrenees in my home land Basque Country (North Spain).

To visit Machu Picchu and a piece (the Peruvian) of the Amazon River/jungle was my dream since young ago (I am 47 now :)). This trip has not only get me to fullfill this dream, but also to even get to see other fascinating places in Peru like Lake Titicaca or the Rainbow Mountain. The trip is expensive but worth every penny.

Local specialist: Jessica Danker
Jessica Danker
Local specialist in New York City | Replied on Dec 04, 2023

I appreciate this lovely review! Peru is an amazing country and there are so many places to visit. I am happy that it left a lasting impression on you. I hope to welcome you back again in the future!