So glad we used this service! - Dec 31 - Jan 9, 2022

Traveler: Grace G. - Local specialist: Rafaja Hanna Bertele

So glad we used this service! COVID had really taken a lot of the fun out of planning trips since there was so much uncertainty and so many restrictions to keep track of. Rafaja's team made it so easy. We knew very little about Colombia coming in to the trip planning and Rafaja was so patient as we honed in on what we wanted and made recommendations that we never could have come up with on our own. A great example was when we went to the Pacific coast and people kept asking us how we found out about the place since they never see people from the United States there. In addition to all the planning assistance, everything was seamless as we were traveling as well and it was easy to continue communication with Rafaja's team. With all the ideas and resources Rafaja provided we could easily do many more trips to Colombia!

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Rafaja Hanna Bertele, local specialist, responded to this review:

Thank you so much for this wonderful feedback and thank you for traveling to Colombia. Wishing you all the best!