Amazing Engagement Vacation!!
Greece | Aug 28 - Sep 12, 2023

Derek L.
Seattle, WA | Reviewed on Sep 13, 2023

The entire process working with Chris was extremely streamlined and easy. He really listened to our wants and desires and tailored our vacation to what our preferences were. We knew we wanted to spend one week in Italy and one week in Greece for our engagement, but didn’t really know specifically where in those countries we wanted to vacation. Chris, who is from Greece, suggested the amazing island of Naxos, something we never would have considered without his guidance! Our tours and excursions were amazing, and we really appreciated the attention to detail from the time of the tours to the private transfers, which were extremely convenient. We also really appreciated the locations of the accommodations that were just outside of the main, noisy, areas, but close enough for us to walk into town. We can’t imagine doing another large vacation without KimKim.

Hotel Review
Above Blue Suites Santorini

Above Blue was in a prime location, especially for the sunset. We really enjoyed our own private balcony, private, hot tub, and breakfast in-room. Santorini is extremely picturesque, and the location in Imerovigli was superb. Easy transportation to Oia! The only downside was the shower and sink water, which we were told was not potable. The water emanated a very foul, sewer– like smell, and was very salty. The smell didn’t bother us when the bathroom door was closed, but when showering, it was slightly bothersome.

Authenticity & Character
Cleanliness & Comfort
Shower water produces a foul smell.
Local specialist: Chris Leontopoulos