Myanmar Trip
Myanmar | Jun 24 - Jun 30, 2019

megan h.
Tysons Corner, VA | Jul 09, 2019

Hi there,

I was skeptical of using an impersonal travel service like this, but it worked out fantastic and I guess this is the way of the future. I am a single female traveler and usually go alone. Myanmar was intimidating to me so I hired KimKim to help me out. I will definitely use them again. Everything was set up exactly as they stated. The price was reasonable. They were with me every step of the way. They tailored my six day trip to Myanmar perfectly. The guides on the ground were flexible, spoke English, and super helpful.

Most importantly as a single travel, I felt 100 percent safe. I loved Myanmar in large part because of the experience that KimKim set up through the guides. I will use them again (did I say that already?!).

Some small nuanced notes: I chose the least expensive lodging choices. In doing it again, I would work more closely with KimKim on the lodging. One location was very far outside Yangon city center. I liked the place but the location was not ideal. The hotel/guest house set me up with a sim card and Grab so I could get around the city using this service (the Asian version of Uber). It only cost about $2 to drive the 15 minutes into town.

Also, very nuanced, I had a hard time leaving Myanmar. My guide helped me buy some jade rocks in the market. We didn't get a receipt as it was only $20 at a place that was not the kind of establishment with official receipts. However, when departing Myanmar, I was immediately confronted by Customs after the X-ray of my bags. I was accused of exiting the county with "precious" stones without a receipt and they were confiscated. The guide should have known that would have been an issue. If I had a receipt, it probably would have been fine. It could have got dicey. It did not. I lost $20.

I don't consider the rock incident KimKim or the guide's faulty. Myanmar is still emerging tourism. It was ultimately my fault as a tourism 101 will teach you to get receipts.

See you for the next trip KimKim,

Local specialist: Linn Linn
Linn Linn
Local specialist in | Jul 09, 2019

Dear Megan,
Thank you so much for your precious detailed feed back for us. I am very happy to hear that you had a great trip in Myanmar with us. I will pass this good news to my team , of course our local guides as well.
I have well noted all of your detailed remarks and looking forward to welcome you from our beautiful country Myanmar again with Kim Kim.
There are still a lot of places you could enjoy in Myanmar. :)
With my best regards,
Linn Linn