. - Apr 21 - Apr 28, 2019

Traveler: Jason R. - Local specialist: Amanda Qardan

8 Day Trip to Jordan

When you hear about Jordanian hospitality, take it to heart. Amanda Qardan with In2Jordan went above and beyond our expectations. She not only ensured we were well-taken care of throughout our stay in Jordan, but even after we left the country! It was nice to hear from her throughout the week – but we were completely blown away that she had arranged to have us looked-after during our 12 hour flight back home. This is world-class service and hospitality!

I’m glad we decided to use KimKim. Amanda allowed us to fully customize our last-minute, 8 Day Trip to Jordan. You can tailor your experience to what’s important for you. And she took our budget seriously, even when hotel availability became a challenge. While there were a few hiccups – mostly because it was peak travel season – our overall experience in Jordan was once in a lifetime!

When we arrived in Jordan, we were connected with Akram, our personal driver. He was very professional and accommodating. He offered us a personalized experience visiting various sites that we wouldn’t have gotten by renting a car and booking the trip on our own. Akram offered interesting commentary and his experience showed as he took us around his country. We enjoyed our time with him!

There’s almost too much to cover in this review, so let’s start with the food. We asked Akram to make a special trip to Habibah Sweets to indulge in Kanafeh while in Jordan. Simply bliss. Akram also made sure we had our fill of Turkish coffee throughout the week. As far as other food highlights, both the Maqluba AND the Mansaf are must-haves! After a grueling but awe-inspiring day in Petra, a local family hosted us for home-made Maqluba. Words cannot describe it! And Akram also took us to a local restaurant known for Mansaf. Incredible in its own right. When you visit Jordan you must eat both dishes, you won’t regret it.

If you can afford to upgrade your Petra experience, I highly recommend the Marriott. It’s perched above Wadi Mousa and offers a great sunset view of the Petra site.

A 4x4 Jeep tour in Wadi Rum is a must! Personally, I wish we could have had an extra day to see more of Wadi Rum. We also would have liked another day to explore the city of Amman. We stayed near Paris Square which was amazing, but just wish we had more time. You may need to consider your priorities, seeing archeological sites, (Jerash, Petra, or Citadel) natural wonders, (Wadi Rum, Dead Sea, or Petra) or local and city life. We were able to do it all.

Visit Jordan, you won’t be disappointed!

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Amanda Qardan, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Jason!

Thank you so much for your kind review! It was my pleasure to organize this trip for you. I'll pass on your kind words to Akram as well.

It's great to hear that you’ve had such a wonderful time in Jordan!
I am glad you got to try Kunafa! And the popular dishes Jordan is known for!

Always happy to assist you or any of your acquaintances in the next visit to Jordan. All the best and thank you for traveling with In2Jordan and Kimkim!!

Have a wonderful day!