Superior Greece Tour by KimKim
Greece | Sep 4 - Sep 17, 2021

Ron E.
Shaw, DC | Sep 19, 2021

I started working with Seetha on this trip before the pandemic shut us all down. We've communicated since the day we had to postpone it a whole year until we finally traveled to Athens, and then throughout the trip. Seetha was great to work with, and she was very flexible and patient with both us and the pandemic impact. Overall, the itinerary and the trip was superior. As with all trips, there were some hiccups that were not under either of our control. High winds postponed our Delos excursion, the bathrooms at the Santorini villa were sub-par, and the car rental in Crete didn't work out - despite those problems, the trip was still excellent.

One of the nice things about this trip were the drivers that were arranged for us. It made the trip low stress and the drivers were excellent and very accommodating, as well as safe. Michael, in particular, who drove us to Delphi and back was terrific. He was very knowledgeable and shared a lot of information and anecdotes on the drive that made the trip interesting and fun. It was nice to feel taken care of by the transport team. The other individuals that made this trip great were the private tour guides for the Acropolis (CiCi) and Delphi (Georgia). They were very informative and the way they presented the tour was worth the hikes that both required. Well paced, and a perspective that I don't believe we would have gotten if we did these tours by ourselves. Their education and individual work showed up on the tour and enhanced each venue.

The accommodations were in Athens, Mykonos and Crete were excellent. We're resort-y people to begin with, and starting the Island hop at Mykonian Imperial and ending it at the Blue Palace was perfect. Despite our disappointment with the bathrooms at the the villas in Santorini - I don't believe the bathrooms were safe, or well kept up for such a great location, as there was rust, loose moldings and water that could not be contained in the bath/shower areas, as well as mold - the view was spectacular and the location was perfect. The village of Megalachori was charming and we spent our free time there. A short walk, it had cafes and restaurants and shopping, and loved hanging out there. Overall, I can say that we were happy with the accommodations.

Seetha did an excellent job planning our activities. We loved everything we did. The cancelation of the Delos tour was sad, but not under any of our control. I highly recommend using Seetha to plan your trip. Other highlights besides the two big tours (Acropolis and Delphi) were the sunset cruises in Santorini and the Aegean Sea, and the food tour attached to the Acropolis tour. My personal favorite was the day at Delphi - the ruins were awesome, the views were spectacular, the tour guide (Georgia) was terrific, as well as the driver, making the tour very informative, and it was capped with lunch on the terrace overlooking the mountains and sea. Very magical way to end the trip.

Overall, this KimKim planned trip by Seetha was excellent, and I would highly recommend using her specifically for your planning. Very personable, patient and flexible. I can't have had a better experience with a travel agency or a better vacation. I hope to plan another trip with her to cover some parts of Greece that we were not able to do this trip - can't wait!

Local specialist: Seetha Ramanathan