'Last minute' solo trip of high expectations to GALÁPAGOS 🇸🇱
Galapagos Islands | Feb 21 - Mar 2, 2022

Katarzyna W.
Qatar | Reviewed on May 03, 2022

* It was a 'last minute' solo trip of high expectations - they have been meet in 99% .
1% missing for skipping few breakfasts ahead of several-hours long activities - overlooking timings of my breakfast VS my departure - accommodation places could have prepared take away breakfast.

* Quality level of the activities will depend on a random assignment of the available guide. I have had a luck to meet wonderful knowledgable Señor Wilson Rojas at San Cristóbal Island, who provided me with the knowledge for the whole trip in one go.

* Planning the trip conversation is very American-tourist oriented; you are flooded with overly merry and abundant in adjectives vocabulary, as if you haven't chosen the place yet and you need to be convinced (feels like advertising to sell) - unnecessary; you need to fish out from all the redundant content what actually is the essence that the place has to offer - bullet points KIKKIM Guys, no need to sell me, what I have chosen to buy already, lol.

* Reliable, fluid logistics, well-in-place communication and organisation (even though remote), all details, including most of petty expenses have been secured. Overall great experience with KIMKIM; and guides preparing my plan - Lucia and Dani - gracias!

Hotel Review
Hotel Deja Vu Galapagos
Pto. Ayora

Overpriced for the value ($140 per night is outrageous); * Choice of young travellers (16+); very noisy, as adolescences are fun (not rest) oriented * Room comfort is low (old furnitures, bed sheets, no aesthetics) * Insufficient internet - almost not working when hotel has 50% of residents in place * Far from the main street

Authenticity & Character
Furniture, bed sheets, overall aesthetics and integrity of the place - all seemed of random choice
Nothing... building is built already :) ...bit far from the main street, unpleasant too come back to at night
Standard, polite, informative staff
Cleanliness & Comfort
Not much comfort, noisy, practically no internet
Activity Review
Snorkeling at Kicker Rock
Isla San Cristóbal

Very interesting deep water spot, lots of wildlife to observe, long satisfying activity, rest on serene scenic island in vicinity. Enjoyable boat facilities.

Quality of Experience
Uninhabited island visited after the snorkelling, where you can observe marine iguanas.
Excellent diversity available for customers on any type of diet.
Guides, Drivers and Staff
Great full-day-trip-equipped boat, unfortunately gasoline polluted water in a bathroom, they had it covered with extra water supply.
Local specialist: Lucia Cazar
Lucia Cazar
Local specialist in Ecuador | Replied on May 04, 2022

Hola Katarzyna

Thank you so much for your kind words, Katarzyna. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us, I am glad you enjoyed The Galapagos Islands. We count ourselves lucky for travelers like you. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful pictures with us! Also thank you for the feedback we will be working to improve those details! We look forward to welcoming you to Ecuador again!

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