Iceland Tour - Dec 24 - Jan 1, 2018

Traveler: isobel s. - Local specialist: Sveindis María Sveinsdóttir

We used KimKim for our December 9 day self-drive of Iceland. I feel like we received a hotel, vehicle rental and tour booking service. This is very convenient, although I was hoping for a detailed itinerary with a realistic schedule and addresses. We were given a broad general itinerary with points of interest. We found ourselves backtracking unfortunately and took roads to keep from backtracking and ended up losing an entire day (there are just 5 hours of daylight in winter) trying to take a different route. KimKim stated that hotels were booked since we contacted them just a few weeks ahead of the trip but we passed many hotels closer to the points of interests and feel as though we spent much to much time with limited daylight driving to our hotels. The hotels booked for us were great, no complaints about the accommodations just far from where we had been sightseeing.

We had an amazing time nevertheless Iceland is gorgeous and we realize in retrospect that we could have booked the hotels etc ourselves but didn't want the hassle. The weather was fantastic. cold of course (so wear many layers) we were fortunate to never have more than a snow flurry. I highly recommend Iceland in December!

One thing worth mentioning -
We also wish that Kimkim advised us against doing both the Ice cave tour and Glacier Tour. The Ice Cave tour was a disappointment and a waste of money given the glacier hike takes you into an ice crevasse which was absolutely amazing in comparison to the cramped tourist ice "trap" - hole. I requested the Ice cave tour. Caveat - the photos online are three years old. It has since shrunken and is not at all like the images. Ice melts and changes shape!