Nature and wildlife tour, Nepal - Nov 19 - Nov 30, 2016

Traveler: Daniela D. - Local specialist: Mads Mathiasen

The organization was superb. We do these kind of trips a lot and I can honestly say that we have never had one as well organized as this one. At every step, the drivers or guides were always ready for us and every aspect happened like clockwork. We live in Germany where you expect that kind of organization, but to enjoy it in Nepal hardly seemed possible. Our congratulations on a job well done! Also, the guides were all fantastic - friendly and knowledgeable. Most national parks in the world have guides who know the big animals and birds of prey, but our guides in Chitwan knew every bird and butterfly as well.

We discussed the trip and made changes to his original concept several times but he never tried to force us into his plan and cheerily re-worked the itinerary until we were happy with it.