Peru: Luxury & Elegance of the Sacred Valley - 9 Days
Peru | Jan 5 - Jan 14, 2019

Matthew W.
United Kingdom | Feb 07, 2019

I can definitely recommend the trip that was organised for me by Clara (and others).

- All communication was prompt and easy.
- Every single transfer/pick up was bang on time. This I thought very impressive given I had so many of them! Not once was I left waiting at all. That is obviously comforting when you are travelling alone.
- The itinerary was very well spaced out, not too much, not too little. It was nice to have a little bit of down time, especially in the Sol y Luna Hotel which was absolutely magnificent.
- All of the hotels that were booked for me were excellent.
- All of the tour guides were great company in their own unique way. All really friendly and knowledgeable.

Tips for improvement.

I can only think of two tips whereby the trip could be made even better. Hopefully these tips will benefit future travellers.

- I was booked on a horse riding activity ( I am a novice). The guides were fantastic, the horses were fantastic and the scenery was just incredible. My tip here however is that a novice such as me would be better served riding for say 2 hours/half a day. The ride I was on was an all day affair and the terrain very challenging. The guides conceded that the difficulty level was high. Having checked my iPhone, I believe I clocked up something like 28km's! It was an awesome experience without question, it just needed to better reflect my ability level.
- This tip relates to the amount of time spent in Machu Picchu town (Aguas Calientes). I saw Machu Picchu itself in the morning (absolutely fantastic) leaving me the afternoon to explore the town in the afternoon and evening. I wasn't booked to leave the town until around 4.00pm the next day. If that departure can be moved forward in the day, you would get to enjoy more of Cusco (I arrived at approximately 8.00pm that night).

Many thanks once again to Clara and the entire team. I would absolutely recommend this company.

Local specialist: Clara Gies