Kathmandu Inside Out
Nepal | Oct 2 - Oct 13, 2018

Brent G.
Salem, OR | Oct 19, 2018

This worked out great!

We got to have input into where we went and what we did and it was easy. I worked on line with Anura before the trip to set our schedule and work out what we wanted to see.

When we arrived they meet us at the airport and every thing worked really well. My wife's suitcase as delayed and they helped with getting it sorted and getting us back out to the airport to pick it up.

The best:
1. This was not a group tour. We did not ride a round on a bus and get herded from place to place. This was very individual (my wife and myself).

2. We felt cared for and looked after. We knew that if we needed help we had a local resource. Travel in Nepal is wonderful but very a different experience. Just knowing that we had someone working for us was wonderful.

3. The value was great. Transportation (including in county flights), hotels and many of the meals, were all included.

4. We really liked the approach of Social Tours. They want to show you the real Nepal and believe they can be socially responsible as well.

Highly recommended.

Local specialist: Raj Gyawali
Raj Gyawali
Local specialist in Lalitpur | Oct 19, 2018


Was a total joy having you in Nepal, and personally I really had fun chatting, getting feedback, and making slight tweaks in your itinerary. Like I mentioned, you are the perfect fit for our kind of services - personal, flexible and deep in immersion - and I am glad that it worked out!

I hope to see you back in Nepal, or get an opportunity to tailor another trip for you in another part of the world! It will be a complete joy!

Thanks for taking the time to write a review! Its a great moral booster for me, the team, and an assurance that we are on the right track!