Deep into Iceland with KimKim: an extraordinary jam-packed hiking trip of a changing landscape.
Iceland | Jul 16 - Jul 26, 2022

Dean K.
Owings Mills, MD | Reviewed on Aug 08, 2022

We are an adventurous family. My wife and I have been hiking over 50 years and we still work together so time away still requires packed vacations within a 2 week time frame. We had been to Iceland 10 years ago and were desirous to return. We hit the “Golden Circle and nearby iconic activities and in 5 days we packed in spelunking, white-water rafting, the Blue Lagoon, kayaking and hiking up Glymur falls, snowmobiles on glaciers and the essential Thingvellir, Gullfoss, Geysir and Reykavik. This time around, we wanted to be off-the-beaten path”. Google photos hit the right buttons; challenging day-hiking, glamping and experiencing Kjolur, Landmannalauger, Thorsmork, the Skogafoss canyon, glacier hiking, crossing glacial rivers, zodiacs among the icebergs, venturing on our own and a private understanding of the “out-back’s”: volcanos, vents, glaciers, canyons, culture (the poets of Hali) and the hard scrabble life of the Icelander (sheep, wool, geothermal, green houses, simple / efficient structures, helping each other). We had used other travel services which provide the “90%” tourist agenda but Kimkim, recognized our needs and hand-selected us with a most incredible self-adventurer herself, Rinolda Juodvirsyte. We wished to explore deeper into the volcanic-glacier physically changing land of a remarkable people who’s days change with weather, lava flows (Vestmannaeyjar islands , glacier melts, light/dark and personal isolation when their towns and dwellings are separated in floods and landslides). Rinolda puzzeled together a wonderful and exciting day-by-day roadtrip; even spending time with us exploring different Icelandic iconic locations at site and over dinner. Each day a challenging hike many times with a personal guide (chains and ladders), interpreting the culture, geology, directions and further recommending out-of the way treks, food surprises and explorations. We experienced how this constantly challenging island-nation is surviving climate change (carry your essentials and layered clothing with you, you never know what comes next), surprising volcano eruptions and lava flows, humongous glacier melts destroying roads and bridges (berms of volcanic rubble and single lane bridges, quickly and simply rebuilt), isolation between far-away towns, light-dark mood changes and always extending a happy, smiling, “can-do” attitude of “thetta reddast” (it will be okay, what will be, will be). I cannot recommend KimKim enough to pair you with the right expert to create the individualized experience for you.

Local specialist: Rinolda J
Rinolda J
Local specialist in Iceland | Replied on Aug 29, 2022

Hi Dean,

I love your pictures and it was amazing to meet you here! Thanks for a wonderful review.