Sau Ling

Nepal in April: Travel Tips, Weather, and More - Apr 18 - Apr 26, 2019

Traveler: Sau Ling H. - Local specialist: Kripa Sunuwar

1. The drivers (both arranged by KimKim as well as booked through the hotels on our free and easy leg) were responsible, professional and caring.
2. We are disappointed by the assigned guide even though we still tipped him on the understanding that guides rely on tips for bulk of their pay. The assigned guide for Bhakatpur and Namo Buddha on both days seem wanting to end his day early and was rushing us to complete the Bhakatpur city tour. On Namo Buddha, he initially suggested we hike down the dirt road (road by car approaching Namo Buddha) and only told us of the other hike down from the Namo Buddha stupa after I insisted. This is despite my specific advice that I wanted a short hike incorporated which I know is quite scenic. We were left to hike on our own which we did not mind. Then after we met back at Namo Buddha in the hope to take part in the Tara chanting which was delayed that day - we had the impression that we were taking too much time when we insisted to wait from 3 pm to 4 pm at the monastery.

Compared with guides that we have come across in Bhutan, S Korea and Europe, the guide in Nepal do not appear as professional and give us the impression that it is always what is in it for me. We will not be keen to use further guide service in our future trips in Nepal so long we have maps as having a guide is as good as not having any.
3. On the hotels, the next time we will provide better clarity on our needs as the Patan hotel was quite eye opening and one that we are not used to nor feel safe. Besides the reviews by other travelers, it will be good to provide some details of the traditional homes that one can expect which is very different from a typical hotel.