Upper Mustang - Sep 3 - Sep 16, 2017

Traveler: Lisa D. - Local specialist: Mads Mathiasen

Our return trip to Nepal (after 30 + years) in September 2017 was unforgettable. We are so pleased to have found Kim Kim and to have worked with Mads. He was consistently patient and able to adjust our trip plan to our ultimate satisfaction. In Kathmandu, we were well taken care of by the guides and associates of Himalayan Trails, namely, Surendra, Pushpa, Raj and Rajiv. Our all day tour of Kathmandu with Rajiv was incredibly educational and literally life changing. We came across so many incredible people and places that we hold that as the first memorable day, of many, of the trip!

Our next adventures involved getting to, and traveling in, Upper and Lower Mustang. Having travelled and lived in Asia we understand the need to be patient, adjust expectations and go with the flow. Because of this attitude and our confidence in, and respect for, our Sherpa guides, Mingma and his 21 year old son Dorje, we were able to relax and enjoy the adventures of traveling in a remote and dramatically beautiful region. Some of our favorite parts of returning to the Himalayas were simply waking up in Mustang everyday, enjoying the high altitude scenery, learning about the people and places, including Mingma and Dorje (with whom we readily felt akin), eating the delicious Tibetan food (most often in the kitchen!) and visiting the Gompas (Tibetan Buddhist monasteries) during the Full Moon Ceremonies! Tears of joy filled my eyes at the beauty and devotion intrinsic in the intricate and colorful sand mandalas, the heartfelt chanting of the monks young and old, and the conversations we had with them while standing in the ancient structures while surrounded by sacred statues of a living tradition.

We finished the trip off with a few days in the Terai, down at Chitwan, enjoying the elephants, rhinos, gharials, hog deer, and birds galore!
A wonderful trip. We recommend Mads, Himalayan Trails and Kim Kim whole-heartedly.

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Mads Mathiasen, local specialist, responded to this review:

Lisa thanks you so much, all the wonderful photos and the kind words! It was a pleasure to help you plan this and I know our entire team enjoyed hosting you in Nepal. Mustang is such a special place, so it is great to hear how much you appreciated being there.

Once we get over the main rush of the season, I will make sure you pass on your feedback to everyone involved in your trip and we hope to see you in Nepal or at least the Himalayas soon. Thanks, Mads