Machu Picchu
Peru | Sep 1 - Sep 8, 2018

Anubha B.
Reading, MA | Sep 14, 2018

We had a great time in Peru. We had no issues with transportation and the hotels were great. Clara did a great job and I really enjoyed the tours and Machu Picchu hike and visit. One of my most memorable vacations for sure.

We only had an issue with the amount of events scheduled in our itinerary. By the last two days, we were burned out. Also, prior to booking, we weren't told about the times of the outings. For example, some treks started at 3 am and we were not made aware until it was too late. I'd recommend that if you could send the itineraries with the times on it before people book it would make it easier. If I had seen that, I may have changed some of the events or noticed that it may be too many events for me.

Local specialist: Clara Gies