Explore Peru and Bolivia - 13 Days - Sep 9 - Sep 21, 2018

Traveler: Jason P. - Local specialist: Clara Gies

I would like to wish everybody that made my trip so memorable a HUGE thank you. Thank you KimKim for the ease of which you made booking and organizing my recent trip to Peru and Bolivia.

I had been wanting to do this trip for a long time but had previously been put off just thinking of all the organisation it would take. One day I happened to type in to google 'Peru and Bolivia' and their 11 day itinerary popped up, which was exactly what I wanted to do and see. Once I contacted KimKim they transferred me to the Wonderful Clara who was AMAZING. She was quick to respond to all my questions and happy to swap and change out the Itinerary. When we were there the tour operators, drivers and guides could not have been more helpful. The only time we had to wait was when I was an hour early for a meeting! Seriously they were never late and the trip worked like clockwork. I spoke to some other travelers who were only complaining about their tour company.

Thank you KimKim and a MASSIVE thank you to Clara and her team. You made the holiday so enjoyable. I definitely recommend KimKim and if going to Peru ask for Clara she's wonderful.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jason - London