to make the trip plan better, I suggest the f...
Malaysia | Sep 7 - Oct 12, 2023

Michael L.
Mililani Town, HI | Reviewed on Oct 18, 2023

to make the trip plan better, I suggest the following:

1. Provide very detailed itineraries for each tour. The explanation for each tour was lacking information. I do not know if I saw everything I was supposed to see on each tour, and in some cases, we did things on a tour I was not expecting to do.
2. Make sure at least one person (either the driver or guide) can communicate in English, even broken English is fine.
3. Prior to our hike to Mt. Ijen, another vehicle from the same company broke down. We lost about 20 minutes of time going back to pick up other guests. Fortunately, we still got to the mountain in time to see the blue flame. We had about 10 minutes to spare and we were very rushed trying to get there on time. If we were not so lucky, I would have missed the experience along with the couple that we went back to pick up. But, thankfully, everything worked out fine.

I feel that my tour was comprehensive and a great introduction to Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. I learned a lot about the culture and geography. Although I really enjoyed this adventure, I probably will not revisit these areas.

Local specialist: Alisha Estevez
Alisha Estevez
Local specialist in Bali | Replied on Oct 25, 2023

Hello Mike,

Thank you for the detailed feedback about your trip.

Thank you for the information about Mount Ijen, I will of course check with the team.

I'm very pleased that you were able to get a good insight into the different cultures.