Planned perfectly
Peru | Aug 13 - Aug 18, 2019

Raleigh, NC | Nov 07, 2019

Our trip was planned perfectly. We were very pleased with everything. The process was easy, the local tour guides were all very wonderful!!! We had Alexandra with us the majority of our 6 days in Peru and Franco was our guide up Machu Picchu. Alexandra is the best and when we come back we would request her to be our personal guide if she's available. Although I really really liked Franco it felt like he was a little overwhelmed as he had multiple tours during the time we were there. Still a great time and both took awesome pictures for us and of us. We really appreciate them capturing these moments. The hotels that we stayed in were excellent and in the perfect locations. We stayed at Aranwa for our first and third night in Cusco, Casa del Sol Machu Picchu Boutique in Ollantaytambo for Machu Picchu and Antiqua Casona San Blas in Cusco. It was one or two of the hotels I suggested and had changed after receiving Clara's suggestions and after I agreed to the itinerary because I researched where we wanted to stay and the type of hotels we wanted to stay in. Do not agree to any itinerary prior to researching your hotels. We were charged for each change, a service fee which I feel is a little much, so I warn you prior to agreeing to any itinerary do your own research first on hotels and rooms to ensure you are comfortable where they are suggesting you stay. I didn't and we were charged additional fees. Just a warning because their suggestions might not be what you really want and you won't know until you research.

Our tour was laid out so perfect we didn't experience much jet lag at all. Peru is our most favorite place to visit and we are very excited to return. This was our first time in this beautiful country and it's already top of our list. Going through KimKim was a little scary I must say as it was our first time using an on-line travel platform but it was the perfect platform to use for me as I was able to send my questions and receive responses that I could easily find again. I would definitely use KimKim again.

The only problem I had which was not KimKim at all is that our local travel agent Clara left the agency (That's why I gave her 3 stars) and we weren't told. I would send messages upon messages and I was getting a little scared that I had lost money because I got nothing in return. I contacted KimKim, they got in touch with the local agency and we were assigned to Liz who was great at responding but the local agency should have done a better job communicating that Clara had left. Other than that, I think if we had Liz from the very beginning or if we had known that Clara was leaving and a proper and speedy transfer was done it would have been a 5 star review for the local specialist.

I am really satisfied at Andean Travel who was the local agency. They are professional and offered the best layout for our first tour of Peru. They met us on time at the time we agreed on each day. The drivers were all courteous and the tours awesome.

Local specialist: Clara Gies