great trip tp the galapagos - Mar 10 - Mar 16, 2020

Traveler: Annette P. - Local specialist: Isabel PĂ©rez

We had a wonderful trip to the Galapagos! the trip went smooth and we always had a guide to meet us at different islands upon arrival. Our guides were helpful and great at rectifying situations. For instance, my boyfriend and I were going to go on a snorkel/dive session. He was going to dive while I snorkeled, but we were going to be on the same boat. For some reason, I was instructed by one of the boat companies to go on a different boat. I assumed we were meeting together but thought it was odd. Our guide Darwin recognized this and called the guide on my boat and asked them to turn around so we could be on the same boat. Darwin was great at looking out for us! Our flight also got delayed and he was able to change his schedule so that we could walk around the island more instead of wait for several hours in the airport. Also, I had left my phone charger on a different Island and Karina, our guide from that Island, had it sent to Darwin! I figured it was gone forever! All in all, the Galapagos is a wonderful place and we would love to return!