Marc was great to work with in our trip plann...
Indonesia | Feb 7 - Feb 16, 2023

Elizabeth I.
Brockton, MA | Reviewed on Feb 23, 2023

Marc was great to work with in our trip planning. He was open to providing more options for tours or lodging if anything was not a best fit. Additionally he answered lots of questions we had about itineraries, cultural norms, and made sure we knew who would be meeting at each trip stage and provided contact information for all drivers, and hotels, etc. I would highly recommend his services to others as his Bali knowledge was extremely helpful.

Our driver Jerry was was kind and helpful and was flexible to adding or changing any stops or plans we had made. He was open to answering lots of questions about Bali and made us feel welcome and safe at all times.

Thank you!

Local specialist: Marc Urban
Marc Urban
Local specialist in Bali | Replied on Mar 23, 2023

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for your feedback! A pleasure to share my knowledge with you.

Jerry sends his best!

See you soon,