My daughter and I enjoyed a great trip to Arg...
Argentina | Apr 30 - May 12, 2022

John O.
Canada | Reviewed on Sep 20, 2022

My daughter and I enjoyed a great trip to Argentina and Brazil that we booked through KimKim. It was easy to work with their pre-set itineraries and customize as necessary. We had an outstanding trip and saw a great deal of Argentina in only 12 days and then enjoyed 3 days in Rio. On balance, we were pleased with the service and support we got from KimKim and their local agent in Buenos Aires. Patagonia was amazing!! This was the second trip I booked through KimKim (Morocco - highly recommend!). The reason for the 4 star rating versus 5 star is two-fold. If I contrast the speed and specificity of responses I received from Oleksandra vs. my other trip it was not as good. The second point is it would have been good to have a heads up on the economic challenges in Argentina. We would have brought more US cash as trying to get local currency from bank machines was a continuing challenge and the government fee on withdrawals was up to 35% of the value of the transaction. There were also a lot of places that would not accept credit cards. Knowing this would have made a big difference in how we would have prepared for the trip.

Local specialist: Oleksandra Stefanyuk
Oleksandra Stefanyuk
Local specialist in Buenos Aires | Reviewed on Sep 26, 2022

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your constructive feedback. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Argentina and Rio.
We will also take into account the details you have mentioned in order to get better services from now on.

Thank you!