Full review of our wonderful trip
Spain | Jun 11 - Jun 21, 2024

Jack W.
San Jose, CA | Reviewed on Jun 22, 2024

Our two guides, Francesca and Elena? were wonderful. Knowledgeable, friendly, easy to be around.
The hotels were exactly what we were looking for on this trip.
The bike tour was great. The ebikes themselves had operation issues, but we managed.
The olive oil tasting stop was a highlight.
Casamar is a must go restaurant for anyone in that region. Reasonably priced and incredible experience.
The boat ride was less than awesome. I should have taken your recommendation to hire a small boat guide directly from the beach. The large boat was unable to approach the shore and even though it was a sailboat, we just used the smelly diesel engine the whole time. This is the only part of the whole experience that we would not repeat - and I can only blame myself. You warned me that sailing trips in this area are not really a thing and I forced the issue. Jessica, the captain of the boat was great, but the boat ride experience itself - not so much.
The drivers from and to the airport were great. They were on-time, professional, friendly.
You had suggested we spend a night or two in wine and olive country. I declined to include that in the itinerary because we do not really drink wine, but the bike tour through the ancient cities was one of the best parts for Lynn. When we come back we will want to spend more time in these villages, maybe more biking and exploring?
Kayaking was cool. Javi, our guide, was a seasoned professional from the Basque country. Made us want to explore that area. We landed on a secluded beach and did some snorkeling. That was also a highlight.
Hiking the Cami de Ronda was great. Met a group of Americans from our home town!!
My favorite part of the entire trip was swimming at the Platja de Ros. This is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. I would like to maybe go back with a larger family group and explore the beaches on that whole peninsula.
Many people told us that we were lucky to be there so early in June because after June 23rd, the whole area is very crowded. In fact, this last week, there were already many school groups in Llafranc and Calella. They occupied much of the beach. If we go back to these places, it would be good to keep that in mind.
Thanks again for your help on all of this. If we are fortunate enough to keep working in our current jobs, we will reach out to you again.

Local specialist: Patricia Marques