My trip to Iceland was unusual. That is why a Guide was incredibly useful.
Iceland | Mar 8 - Mar 13, 2024

Jeffrey W.
Chicago, IL | Reviewed on Mar 18, 2024

My trip to Iceland was unusual. That is why I thought I needed a guide. And it turns out that was correct.
I went to Iceland in March (not necessarily the most beautiful time to visit) but the perfect time for me because ALL I wanted to do is see Aurora. Sleep in very late every day and stay up to 2am to watch the sky. So what I needed was expert pre-trip advice to decide on the best places to maximize my chances and daily real-time advice during the trip to possible head to a different location with less clouds. That is exactly what Gudmundur ("Gummi") did for me.
1) He listened to my (admittedly odd request) and provided the pre-trip and real time advice I needed. Seeing Aurora is very much a lucky chance event; they are either out and it is cloudless or not. But I was able to see Aurora all 4 nights I was in Iceland. Of course this was lucky, but my "luck" was very much improved by the expert advice I received. The 4th night I had to drive over 250 km to get to a new location that was going to be cloud free that night. A bit crazy, yes, but that is what I was there for.
Gummi was able to help identify a good place to go and reserve an Inn for me to stay so all I had to do was drive there. And it worked. Completely cloud free excellent dark Northern view for Aurora viewing on my last night.
Of course he was knowledgeable of the more interesting beautiful and important sites of the are also. But his listening and guidance during the trip is what I wanted and what I received.
5 Stars.
-Jeff White

Hotel Reviews
Sigló Hotel

Very VERY nice hotel in the very North of Iceland. Siglufjordur was very scenic and beautiful. While this comment may seem bland, it is the best summation of the hotel: "This was an excellent hotel and would I strongly recommend staying there" -Jeff White

Authenticity & Character
Beautiful location right on the water.
If for no other reason, it is an excellent location for Aurora viewing. Head North through two short tunnels and there is a spot with parking that was the most ideal location to view Aurora.
Came back very late (2:30am) after Aurora viewing and was hungry. The nice night staff person provided a small bowl of bar peanuts as a snack. This staff service was deeply appreciated.
Cleanliness & Comfort
Unquestioned cleanliness.
Fosshótel Mývatn

Excellent location overlooking Myvatn Lake. My visit was in March so not an optimal time but still quite beautiful. Room was very nice and exceptionally clean. The restaurant was extremely good.

Authenticity & Character
Cleanliness & Comfort
Aurora Hotel at Reykjavik-Keflavik Airport Terminal KEF

Simply the by far best location next to Kelfeck airport. Basically across the street. Could not be more ideal. Hotel common areas, staff, rooms, etc are all quite nice.

Authenticity & Character
Cleanliness & Comfort
Local specialist: Guðmundur Óli Pálmason
Guðmundur Óli
Guðmundur Óli Pálmason
Local specialist in Iceland | Replied on Mar 19, 2024

Thank you so much for the kind words! Luckily I had some help from the Nordic Gods, it seems they like you haha!
Your profile picture is epic btw! Can you send it to me on the chat? :D
Our chat at the bakery was also epic, man I feel like the two of us could talk forever so I really hope we'll get a chance to pick it up again soon!