Bangkok to chaing mai, Thailand - Jul 31 - Aug 10, 2019

Traveler: Heather M. - Local specialist: Suwanna Noraheem

Our 10 day trip to Thailand was amazing. Suwanna, our Bangkok travel agent was brilliant. She organized two airport pick-ups, eliminating the stress of finding a cab, she connected us with some interesting joined group tours, and there were some individual tours with a tour guide. My husband and I really enjoyed the personalized tours as they provided rich opportunities to connect with local people and develop an understanding of the people and culture of Thailand. Most memorable was a Bangkok foodie tour in a tuktuk. We ate food that we would not have dared sample without guidance. Our guide was a young recent university graduate. She was delightful - charming and satirical and a lot of fun. Another highlight was a trip two hous north of Chaing Mai to an elephant sanctuary in a small Karen village in the middle of nowhere. We stopped at a village market to buy food four our lunch and for the elephant. We spent time feeding the elephant and washing him in the river.