Trip to Greece - Jun 20 - Jun 30, 2019

Traveler: Janelle M. - Local specialist: Chris Leontopoulos

We loved our trip to Greece planned by Chris, especially our sea view hotels in both Naxos and Santorini and our hotel in Athens. We really appreciated having a driver to pick us up and drop us off at the airports, Lampros was exceptional he was professional, efficient, and well dressed. The Kimkim team was quick, professional, and responsive on WhatsApp when we had questions and or concerns. There were only a couple of hiccups: we were promised double beds in each hotel, this only happened at Athens Gate. And at the end of our trip, we were expected to take a hotel van but we’re expecting a private driver as planned. Because of this we ended up at the airport until after midnight and only spent 3 hours at our last hotel before an early morning flight. Chris was expedient in correcting the situation though and was able to reach Lampros who coordinated our pick up that night and drop off a couple of hours later. All and all in was a great trip, and for the most part smooth sailing. We are happy with the Kimkim team and services provided and would travel with them again! Many Thanks, and warm Regards, Janelle Miconi