A great experience with people dedicated to making your experience anxiety free. - Oct 11 - Oct 18, 2019

Traveler: Patrick R. - Local specialist: Ibrahim Elaref

We were very pleased with our experience in Egypt and would recommend your firm without any hesitation. It was reassuring to us as first-time visitors to know there was always someone to meet us and help us navigate our transition from plane to hotel, particularly at the Cairo airport, which lacks adequate signage for wayfarers. The accommodations were first rate, and we received a double upgrade at the Four Seasons at Sharm el Sheikh. Dalia was our favorite guide. The Egyptian Museum is probably incomprehensible without a knowledgeable guide like her, and we really appreciated her efforts to face us as she spoke instead of speaking to the windshield of the vehicle as at least one of our greeters did. It was also nice that she was very attentive to us and minimized conversations on the phone while she was with us. Our trip was a great value and a great experience.