Awesome experience with Camila, despite our many high maintenance requests!
Argentina | Oct 30 - Nov 12, 2023

Turner A.
Bend, OR | Reviewed on Nov 15, 2023

We had an amazing trip in Argentina and Chile for our honeymoon thanks to Camila, who was great to work with and happily handled all of our annoying requests to totally change locations, activities, trip dates, and more. Everything went off without a hitch during the trip as well, including airport pickups, transfers between locations, and all of our guided activities. Camila even helped us arrange a pickup from a totally different airport at a different time when we decided at the last minute to change to an earlier flight to Buenos Aires. We will definitely be working with Camila for our next trip to Argentina!

Hotel Review
Hotel Las Torres Patagonia
Torres del Paine

We loved the accommodations and all of our excursions in the park during our all-inclusive stay at Hotel Las Torres, but were disappointed by their lack of flexibility for vegetarian and vegan diets. They were totally unwilling to make any menu changes for us (such as making a plate of gnocchi with red sauce or serving us a side of french fries, despite all of the ingredients being available with meat-based dishes), so we had to eat the same couple of meals over and over. Given that there is nowhere else to get food while you are staying in the park (and Chile is very strict in what you can bring over the border if you are coming from Argentina), this made for a less than ideal all-inclusive experience.

Authenticity & Character
For the most part the hotel staff and excursion guides were great, but the restaurant staff was totally unwilling to make accommodations for dietary restrictions.
Cleanliness & Comfort
Local specialist: Camila Plat
Camila Plat
Local specialist in Buenos Aires | Replied on Nov 27, 2023

Turner! Thank you for this review!
Thanks for trusting me and the team to organize your honeymoon! It was a pleasure assisting you throughout the planning process and helping during your trip by answering any questions or concerns.
We look forward to welcoming you again to continue enjoying our country!
Wishing you all the best!