I'm usually one to plan and book my own trips... - Jan 28 - Feb 6, 2021

Traveler: Lindsey R. - Local specialist: Alexander Paulini

I'm usually one to plan and book my own trips without using a travel agent service. However, I was blown away by my experience with KimKim. I was able to customize and have as much say-so in the trip planning as I wanted. Alexander was amazing to work with and his expertise for Costa Rica was top notch. He was more than accommodating to our requests and helped plan the most amazing trip. He even helped arrange our COVID test for our return flight. I would highly recommend KimKim and Alexander to anyone planning a trip to Costa Rica.

Alexander Paulini profile photo
Alexander Paulini, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Lindsey,

thank you very much for your travel review. We appreciate your trust in us and are very very happy that you enjoyed your trip through Costa Rica. We always try to give our travelers a memorable travel experience and if we made that happen for you then this was our goal.

I hope you remember Costa Rica for a long time and maybe we will see you again.

Best regards from tropical Costa Rica