Amazing trip! - Aug 24 - Aug 29, 2021

Traveler: Jessica S. - Local specialist: Linda Veråsdal

Linda planned our trip to Norway and although we had to wait a whole year to get there, due to the pandemic it was better than we could have imagined! The accomodations were really nice and it was quite easy to locate them. Breakfast was delicious and we could even get a lunch package for on the road. Sorting out transportation wasn't always easy because unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, the trains going from the aiport to the city center were cancelled and information was hard to come by. I think it would have helped to have some more information on all options available (e.g. take train to or Bus XY etc.) and include ALL transportation fees.
We then spent one day in Oslo and explored the city by walking and taking a scooter. As we wanted to have dinner, we realized that most restaurants or shops in Norway let you book your food via a (web) app, so be prepared to pay by credit card most of the time. Although they do have to accept cash, some of the restaurants stilll refused to and we had to take a lot of cash back home . However, that being said, we do like Norway being so modern and digital. We think it's a great step towards a modern society! So not a major problem for us. All the activities that we did were really fantastic!!! Although we enjoyed visiting Bergen and Oslo, we loved spending time in Aurland, swimming in the Fjords and talking to the locals. It was incredibly peaceful and the most memorable day. Then we took a trip with the ferry which was super enjoyable, because you are literally floating over the water - and it feels like a sustainable, not very loud or disturbing choice to traverse nature. We loved loved loved the kayak tour in the fjords. Unfortunately there was a miscommunication with the guide who did not know that we had to take the shuttle and so when we arrived back on land, the shuttle had already left and we had to scramble to find another option (taxi from the nearest town). So be aware that when you are in the middle of nowhere, you really have to catch the one connection you intend to take. Besides from that travel hiccup, we really enjoyed the kayak tour because it is a great way to experience the fjors, while getting to know other travellers. The guide also told us some anecdotes about the region, which was really interesting. Then we arrived in Bergen and spend a day with a guide who taught us about the city's history. We loved taking the tour with him and really got to know the city well. I think it's good to mention that there are really really nice saunas available in Oslo, Bergen and even a floating one in Flam!!! Unfortunately, you have to book in advance, so they were closed when we got there, but I think that could be a really nice option after a long ride in the bus or train. To summarize, this was an amazing experience. We loved the country and the people, got to know a lot about the culture and the history, saw a lot of sights and the beautiful nature. It is perfect for people who love to be outdoors but still fancy a little city trip. It is modern and technologized, clean and tranquille, breathtaking and mindblowingly beautiful and I would have loved to spend more time there. But I will day :) many thanks to Linda! It wasn't an easy trip to plan during a pandemic but you did it and you did it well. Take care! Best, Jess

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Linda Veråsdal, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Jessica, thank you so much for your visit and review! This is very helpful. Am so glad you had such a nice experience in Norway. It is really good to read that despite the pandemic your trip was joyful. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing and so lucky with the weather! I am sorry about the shuttle, will check up what happened here. Hope to see you back in Norway at some point!! :-) Take care