When we decided we wanted to go to Greece for...OUR HONEYMOON! - Sep 6 - Sep 16, 2021

Traveler: Mariah S. - Local specialist: Maria Kytea

When we decided we wanted to go to Greece for our honeymoon, I was pumped! Neither of us had ever been on a trip like this to a place like Greece so I was also stressing out because I had no idea how to plan what to do. That's when we found KimKim and I am so thankful that we did! From the beginning of the process, Maria was very responsive to any question or concern we had. She made multiple different trip plans to accommodate our wants and needs. Maria planned out a 9 day vacation for us to make the most of our trip to Greece. Each day we had a detailed outline of who was picking us up at what time, where we would meet our tour guide for the day, which company we would be interacting with that day, and SO MUCH MORE! Did I mention they arranged rides to and from anything they had planned?!?! When we arrived in Greece, KimKim had also connected us with a company named Travel12 who sent us our tickets for everything while we were there. There was ONLY ONE instance where a transport that was scheduled had a little hiccup and the driver from another company didn't pick us up for a tour but within 10 MINUTES of us telling KimKim and Travel12 the issue, they had contacted the driver and he turned around to pick us up. My husband and I both agreed that anytime we go on a trip where KimKim operates, we will 100% be using them. I never want to go on a trip not planned by KimKim again!