Europe 2018 - Jun 30 - Jul 9, 2018

Traveler: Kim R. - Local specialist: Miha Gantar

My Trip to Slovenia started off with a request to “Solo hike through the alps, away from crowds and tourists". Miha contacted me and wanted to understand what I had in mind. Living in Silicon Valley and working in tech, my desire was to reconnect with nature and pursue a solo-hike through the Alps. I had envisioned doing this in Austria just based on its familiarity with my past travels.

As Miha and I exchanged messages, Miha who converted my desires into a well defined route to combine seeing many regions in Slovenia, which would allow me to decompress from the fast pace life in California and prepare for my solo hike through the Julia Alps, down into the Soča River Valley, through the Karst region onto Prian. He ensure everything I asked for was awaiting my arrival!

Once Miha and I talked live we settled on the plan and waited for weeks to pass and my flight to Slovenia, for an amazing 10 day trip.

I can summarize my trip by saying a Slovene saying; Sekira mi je padla v med!

Meeting Domen on my arrival, we had a great conversation reviewing maps and the route over beers and burgers and then I was cut loose to explore Ljubljana, where you can still feel the presence of past dragons and the vibe of a modern but well preserved historic city. From the street musicians to the open cafe's and restaurants to eating carniolian sausage at a very small sausage shack (Go there to find it, you will know when you see it along the way to the Castle over the three bridges).

Then onto Lake Bled, 6 kilometers around the lake, meeting Bobbi the artist who paints with watercolors, to experiencing the fairytale setting of the surrounding area. You do not pass up wood-fired traditional meals or the amazing cream cake you can learn about. My stay in Bled was a stepping off point to finalizing my gear and pack, since the next day was on to where my hike would start, on a ridge on the border between Austria and Slovenia.

Getting dropped off in the woods with a short hike up to the border ridge, onto Vosca Peak to start my path through the Julians, to visit Tonka prior to getting to Vrsic pass, hiking along the Soča river, overnighting in a hay barn at a local farm and onto Bovec, then to a Winery older then the United States and Caves where the Reka flows underground, onto Prian with Aljaž to hike sea cliffs and swim in the Adriatic!

Every aspect of the trip exceeded my expectations, the friendly culture, amazing people I met along the way, the nature, food and local beer. I rarely noticed the weather, but thunder does make you hike faster off the peaks :). I cannot wait to return to share this trip with my wife and to introduce her to all my new friends.

My trip can be summed up in one word; Zaklad!

Amazing crew of people at SloTrips, I cannot wait to reconnect with them on my next trip to Slovenia and possibly Croatia! Everyone should strive to take a hike in Slovenia in their lifetime and reconnect with nature and a great culture forged over many thousands of years. You are in great hands with the Miha and the SloTrips team!


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Miha Gantar, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Kim!

WOW! Thank you so much for the detailed and positive feedback! :) And all these great pictures!
It was a pleasure having you here and thank you for your amazing stories, joy & interest in life, positive spirit and inspiration!

Look forward to having you back in Slovenia!
Warm wishes,