Chachapoyas: Peru’s Best Kept Secret - 7 Days - May 13 - May 28, 2019

Traveler: John G. - Local specialist: Martina Capel

I came late to this trip, which was originally planned by my friend and travelling companion, Alan. However, once on board, Martina and team made it easy to get everything organised - the packing list was especially useful!

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Trip notes:
- Everything went pretty smoothly, organisationally, especially once we'd realised some of the hotels had "Alan John" as the room occupant!
- Cumbemayo, Kuelap and Karajia especially good for me, largely because they were more into the countryside
- "local" lunches in village restaurants were great - I really enjoyed dancing with la abuela and her 6m old grandchild in Karajia
- Jhon was a great host and representative of Peru; we had a good time in the cars with him and the drivers, in a very relaxed atmosphere; he tried hard to answer questions (so many questions!!) about all sorts of random aspects of Peru past and present, and took our banter well
- Hotels were generally great, but it's a shootout for top gun between Rangua Wasi (great location, incredible food, a very personal experience) and Hotel Achemaqui, just for the DIY sarcophagus tour in the rain alone ... Nah, Rangua Wasi! Some were more "characterful" than others, but then we met
- Drivers were very careful and confidence-inspiring, given the often challenging conditions and traffic state, and very courteous about going over the innumerable speed bumps on every pavement in Peru
- Cars generally good, but last leg of trip (Trujillo-Casma-Lima) car was not especially comfortable for 10? hours in rear seats
- Everyone we interacted with, from hotel staff, people on the street, village people, was friendly and open - we had many surprise encounters that added a lot to our experience

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Martina Capel, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear John,

Thank you so much for your detailed review.

I am glad that you enjoyed your trip and had many encounters with the local people - I would say this is because of your kind and outgoing way ! It was a pleasure organising this tour for you and Alan and I am happy to hear that you enjoyed Jhon's company throughout your trip. (He did so, too :) )

I am sure that you and Alan will have lots of memories and stories to share now !! And I can only recommend your blog to everybody, as it is a great read.

Warm regards,