Honeymoon in Croatia
Croatia | Jul 3 - Jul 15, 2016

Rob C.
Windsor, CA | Aug 08, 2016

kimkim booked us a perfect honeymoon in Croatia. They found the best accommodations, transportation and activity ideas based on our preferences.

Things I liked:
- how easy it is to book a quality trip vs. doing our own research
- the route through Croatia was perfect
- chat communication vs. having to talk to someone by phone, although the back and forth would have been easier via email, instead of having to sign in each time to respond to a comment
- the full itinerary. we referred to it multiple times a day.
- sailing!
- our final hotel in Dubrovnik was a gem

Areas for improvement:
- back and forth communication by email, as shared above
- the two ferry rides were both sold out at the times we wanted for day-of purchases; buying ferry tickets online or at least warning us to buy early would have helped some logistical difficulty
- more country coverage… would have liked help with the Germany stage of our trip as well.
- would be great if kimkim could have booked flights for us

Local specialist:
Michelle M.
Bell, CA | Aug 08, 2016

Appreciate your feedback Rob! Apologies for the ferry rides being sold out, we will make sure in the future to let travelers know about this, especially during the peak travel season.
We are also continuously working on increasing our in-country customer service to help travelers in Croatia. I am so glad you had a great honeymoon and loved seeing your photos. Please keep us in mind for the next time you plan a trip.