Trip to Nepal
Nepal | Sep 9 - Sep 23, 2018

Karen W.
Singapore | Oct 02, 2018

Review for Nepal trip from 9th Sept - 23rd Sept. This was my 2nd trip to Nepal but 1st time experience trekking in Nepal (Muldai and Poon Hill Trek). I arrived Nepal late night so reached Nagarkot in the mid night. Looking at the prepared delicious dinner inside my room, normally I don't take supper but can't resist it. Luckily I tried and had no regret to gain weight. :) I will have to come back to this place again as I did not have sunrise and panaroma view due to raining and foggy in the following day early morning. Anyway, I had fulfilled with local yogurt at Bhaktapur.

Actually I was quite excited while preparing for this trip though I did not have time to train my stamina, however, last minute being strike by over stress by work and almost collapse. So worry that I will not able to proceed with the hiking as per plan. Everything happened has its reason, this time, my domestic flight being delayed for 4 hours, so would not be able to start the trekking as per plan upon reaching Pokhara. Therefore, I got one extra day to relax myself physically and mentally. And unintentionally, found and taste a nice and yummy fried chicken wing for which I will never forget the taste and for sure not because of hunger.

For the 5 days trekking was awesome. Trekking in mountain at different altitude, there are lots of unpredictable eg: weather. You can experience from chill, cooling, freezing; wet, hot...muddy, rocky trail... crossing few suspension bridge, the fun part would be...take off your muddy boot, smelly socks and hanging on your hand to cross the stream with bare foot, where the water above ankle high. Fortunate the water not about waist high, then have to dry ourselves at the road side :). The experience is very difficult to express in word, should at least experience it personally once in life time as the trekking in Nepal different from another country, and has to be accompanied with a guide who are patience and exprience. I am glad that Kripa has arranged an experience and patience guide throughout my whole trip. I will always recommend him, Suman, who would like to go on trekking, I hope in future he can bring more sense of humour during long trip.

This trip I have experience freezing at the peak; Muldai & Poon Hill with 2 legs, super hot at the flat plain land at Lumbini. Vespa ride to 3 places, unfortunately most has been ruined during earthquake and yet being fully "restored". Thanks to the village has done their best to preserved all the historical icon, it really benefited the generation as well as foreigner like me. And thanks to Vespa guide whom bring me to visit these 3 places and try nice local Newari food.

Nepal really has it own charm, it attracted me to come back again and again.

Thank you Kripa for planning this awesome trip for me and also visit to Kopan Monastry. Thanks friend help me to fill up all the permit documents (big Hi). Hope to visit Nepal again in near future soon.

Local specialist: Kripa Sunuwar
Kripa Sunuwar
Local specialist in San Bruno | Sep 30, 2018

Dear Karen,

Thank you for writing about your trip from the start to the bottom. I really enjoyed reading everything and felt that you really had a great time on your second visit.

I look forward to planning your next trip soon. Thanks for all of your love and appreciation to us and our staffs.

Best Regards,