countryside of iceland - Jun 23 - Jul 7, 2017

Our trip involved the Ring Road and our advisor, Chris timed each day perfectly with the amount of driving and sight-seeing. The majority of the accommodation was wonderful with only two exceptions. The car rental was better than expected and all of the tours we requested were as described.

We had requested the Silfra snorkeling tour in January and received our vouchers from KimKim in March. After being in Iceland for over a week, we received an email from the snorkeling company requesting a medical questionnaire be completed prior to our tour three days hence. 24 hours later, after submitting it back, they "red flagged" me (the mother) because I was 'over 60' which then required a doctor's clearance. We wasted the next full day driving to another town to see a doctor and/or fax our doctor back in Canada (as email was not possible to our doctor's office). We finally solved the problem with many arrangements and long distance telephone calls but it was with great stress as it was our featured tour. This could have been easily solved had Chris and the tour company communicated that age would be an issue so that back in January, we could have seen our doctor *in Canada* to receive clearance prior. My age was known from the beginning of our trip planning. Vouchers should not be issued if a medical clearance has not been signed!