Spring 2018 - May 10 - Jun 10, 2018

Traveler: Rick W. - Local specialist: Ed Reeves

Okay, assuming you want a blunt assessment. The planning was great as was the booking and with a few exceptions which you will see when I rate the hotels.

Not to sound like a broken record but the problem was with the execution and I am not referring to the choice of vehicle exclusively but rather as I voiced to Henri on my last day it was how the send off from Tirana was handled. My agreement with your company included an English speaking GPS similar to the one I used when I drove in Iceland. Instead I was sent off with a Vodaphone mobile Wifi and my own phone. My google maps turned out to be unreliable off and on during the entire trip. My issue is/was, if the GPS had been supplied on Day 1 we would have discovered the issues with the car and with the Tom Tom immediately (except for the air conditioning of course) and I assume gone to Kia for repair of the vehicle issues and also presumable repaired or purchased a new Wifi. Ed certainly tried but the issue should never have arisen in the first place.

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Ed Reeves, local specialist, responded to this review:

Hi Rick - glad at least the route planning was satisfactory! Shame the sat-nav created so many issues but hope the refund ameliorates some of the pain. The broken AC was due to a fuse and could have been fixed easily if you'd let us know about it during the trip. Best, Ed