Maria was very helpful and knowledgeable. - Sep 11 - Sep 25, 2021

Traveler: Natalya R. - Local specialist: Maria Kytea

Maria was very helpful and knowledgeable when we were planning our trip to Greece. Greece has endless destinations! Maria helped me to pick 3 islands base on my preferences. The hotels that she picked for me were all perfect. All transfers were organized in a perfect way.
Unfortunately Maria left the company one week before my trip. But I wasn't left behind by the company. Harris greeted me instead of her. We had a small confusion with the transferrer to my first hotel, but I felt confident that I won't get lost. The problem was quickly resolved. Harris was available any time when I tried to contact him. The drivers appeared before me every time. I never had an opportunity to worry that I might be late or miss something. In general I am very pleased with KimKim and will recommend them to all my friends, and of course will use their services again.