Best Summer Hikes in the Slovenian Alps - Sep 25 - Sep 30, 2018

Traveler: laurie w. - Local specialist: Miha Gantar

I really appreciated the tips on what to do in Ljubljana (bike trip and a food tour).
Miha was very nice and responsive when I contacted him to plan a four-day trip to Slovenia on short notice. He helped me decide where to stay and how to allot the four days and set up a guide for two of the days.
Our guide, Bostjan, was incredibly nice, interesting and helpful. It was so nice not to have to worry about driving places and how to get there. I loved seeing Piran but would have liked more time there and more information about the town and its history. I also loved the winery he took us to, which was a great experience and very different. The region was particularly beautiful. In general, again, I would have liked more information on our surroundings.
It may have been due to the fact that we didn't plan our trip too far in advance so I'm not necessarily faulting Miha, but I didn't know the details of what we were going to be doing on the two days with the guide and would have liked an opportunity to decide after a more in depth conversation about the alternatives. I had to call the guide a day before we were leaving for Prague to ask about it and discuss some possibilities since I hadn't heard from anyone.
I also really loved our hiking experience with Bostjan. He did a great job of figuring out what would be both interesting, scenic and manageable for me with some knee problems and not being as adept a hiker as my husband. He was an expert driver on the windy mountain roads and planned a really wonderful hike.
Things I didn't find so interesting: walk through a bird sanctuary, since it wasn't particularly culturally interesting and birds had already flown south, and spending time in Lake Bled. Again, I'm not necessarily faulting the tour company for spending time in Bled since I had heard a great deal about it and it is a pretty famous site. It certainly was pretty and we had some great meals in local restaurants, and also went to the nearby gorge. However, it's very crowded and touristy and I think I would have preferred knowing a bit more about that aspect of it through talking with the tour company, and maybe spending time in a home stay overnight in the countryside instead or something like that. My favorite part of visiting Lake Bled was actually taking a different route back from the gorge and walking through the forest and two local villages back to Lake Bled. We were not able to rent bicycles there because the only places that were open didn't have any small enough for me, but it turned out to be fine to walk.

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Miha Gantar, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Laurie,

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.
I have to say that anything below a 5-star review is like a bullet straight into my heart and mind. I will not search for excuses why we didn't deliver a 5-star experience for you. I am very sorry you didn't get what you were expecting. We will definitely study, discuss and learn from your feedback to make sure our travelers return home not happy, hot happier, but the happiest!
Thank you again for your honest reply and best wishes from Slovenia!