Northern lights and nature
Iceland | Mar 11 - Mar 18, 2018

Keith F.
West Friendship, MD | Reviewed on Apr 12, 2018

We had an awesome experience in Iceland and really thank both KimKim and Midgard. I would definitely use KimKim again the next time we go on international travel for a bit of adventure. They contacted me immediately and set me up with a local Iceland representative, Anna from Midgard. Anna did a great job, especially considering I was booking things at the last minute and my wife decided to join the trip after most of our plans were already set up. Anna was flexible and stayed at the budget that we set. My only advice to other travelers is to book earlier than I did – we really got serious about five weeks before our trip. It understandably took a while for Anna to coordinate with me on what we would like – I did not come in with a clear agenda and, instead, let Anna guide me along the way.

When we got to Iceland, Midgard was amazing. The best description is they treated us like family. They were on time for every event and organized our trip flawlessly. The staff are knowledgeable, accommodating, and friendly – it was a real treat to see Iceland off the beaten path and to meet its wonderful people through Midgard.

If we return to Iceland in the future, we would definitely use Midgard.

Local specialist: Midgard Adventure Team