Costa Rica is a beautiful Country. The guides... - Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2019

Traveler: Robin F. - Local specialist: Adriana Prado

Costa Rica is a beautiful Country. The guides were kind, the zip line experience was amazing, and the hot springs hotel was really pretty. I enjoyed kayaking in the river a lot. I was disappointed in the 3rd hotel for adults only; especially for a group of girls. It was highly geared toward couples and I feel we were treated differently there then the other places. I found a hotel that we moved to for the last 2 nights called the Carriblue which was my favorite one. I like the space, jungle and it was much roomier. Unfortunately it cost 500$ that I didn’t expect to spend but we felt highly uncomfortable at the other place and had to move. The last day was difficult with all the shuttle driving; it took 2 hours longer then we were told and we sadly missed our plane back to Liberia and had to rent a car. I felt we all were pretty positive and made the best of it, enjoying the natural beauty of Costa Rica. I believe we took good care of those guides/locals that helped us to enjoy our vacation. I’m not sure I would do anything as busy next time (going from place to place) and I’d like much less time actually “traveling.”