Tour some important cities of Greece including overnight in Santorini & possibly Mykonos - Apr 20 - May 1, 2019

Traveler: Maryann S. - Local specialist: Tasos Mylonas

All the bus drivers, each and everyone were wonderful. They were conscience of our time schedule and making sure we connected with the appropriate guides. Demistris the first person at Athens was kind and cordial and provided me with the phone and crucial information. He also greeted me again and my group just before we left to Meteora, which as breathtaking. All the guides were also fabulous, They all shared stories both personal and factual which made the information more enjoyable. All the hotels were excellent and loved taking advantage of the spa services at Santorini, absolutely loved the Catamaran tour and mineral springs, they even played music from Mamma Mia and my group were Dan I g and singing to the music as we entered the docks as we embarked and those who were on shore were clapping at us.
By the way he tour guide at the Oracle was great, she told stories like nobody else could😊
The workshop and the guide who escorted us to the soap making, ancient Olive tree and wine tasting event was outstanding! The woman who provided the workshop were great and my group bought a lot of soap from them and a lot of olive oil etc from the wine tasting tour. My artist gave our tour guide a special drawing of the ancient tree to him and he provided myself with a sketch and my assistant, so personal.😊 My group fell in love with Crete, and the family that took us on Easter Day were so very special, they were outstanding and provided us with Easter bread and Raku(sp). And written information about the tradition of your Easter, super special.
Botanical Garden and special meal was excellent!
All the hotels excellent, food and boat rides. The first boat ride (ferry) to Santorini though was a bit tough, as it took an extra hour and half due to weather, but the other two was great. The only issue with Jeremy on the last overnight ride, but u all are taking care of that. Of course the Olympia was extraordinary, My students had the opportunity to stand on the ancient blocks in the field and I even raced against my husband on the field, didn’t realize others were watching we received a clapping from those who were watching when we finished as I won😊
Communication with myself an some of those I encounter my have been a bit difficult at times, but with this communication and the phonetic provided along with the detail agenda for me, it all helped. Everyone you provided for us were kind, patient and courteous.
Confusion on what tickets were included and not was mostly the issues, but we resolved it. On past trips, that was always included. The only issue that I had was the lunch at Olympia, I thought it was part of the amount, but I was good once I spoke with Tasos. The place the bus driver recommended was excellent and the husband and wife (owners) went out of there way to provide special plates they my group enjoyed.
I would definitely use Tasos again, for he did an excellent job working with me to make this an extraordinary adventure, learning experience for my students

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Tasos Mylonas, local specialist, responded to this review:

Dear Maryann,
It has been a great pleasure having you all in Greece! It has been exciting since the first day I spoke with you on the phone to start planning, as at that time I hadn't even heard about art therapy...
I am so glad we managed to strike a balanced plan that you enjoyed, combining some of the most renowned sites with some of the best hidden secrets of our country.
Now I have a great challenge ahead: how to make your next trip to Greece even more amazing!
All the best to everyone!